WIP imagenes 01Provision of an irrigation water supply system to
Bellamaria, Chaquizhca and Guara communities
Calvas - Loja

In partnership with the Rotary Noon Club of Athens and other clubs of district6690, Ohio University, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and the Municipal Government of Calvas, the Rotary Club of Loja aims to implement an irrigation water supply system in three rural communities (Bellamaria,Chaquizhca, and Guara) of Calvas county, in Loja province, southern Ecuador. This project will benefit 75 subsistence farming families’ households who live under precarious conditions and struggle to maintain a yearly agricultural production due to a dry seasonal climate of the area.

By: Kathryn Gardner



The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to us the importance and value of our health. Although undoubtedly there are certain communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, in general the virus is not influenced only by one’s socioeconomic status in society. COVID-19 is, however, increasing poverty rates around the world. According to a September 2020 article published by Stat, “The first six months of the pandemic saw the number of people living in extreme poverty around the globe rise by 7%, after declining year after year for the past two decades.”

By Daniela Grijalva




A few days ago, we introduced our esteemed team member and researcher Ana Carolina León, a premiere Ecuadorian biologist working with our Healthy Living Initiative. Today, we take a closer look at her research within the communities in Loja Province, and hear more of the story and inspiration behind her involvement.

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