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Triatomines bugs – the bugs that carry the parasite that causes Chagas disease – usually live outside of people’s houses. If triatomine bugs get into people’s homes, they can start biting people. Well-constructed facilities make it hard for bugs to get into people’s houses and even harder for the bug to hide during the day. This is why we need to change poor-quality dwellings into stronger, healthier homes.”

Mario Grijalva, Mario Grijalva, Director of the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine


Our goal is to support the construction of 60 healthy homes. By a healthy home, we mean a home that allows families to reach their full health, social, economic, and spiritual potential. We help people build homes that stop bugs from entering, but also help thrive – bodily, mentally, economically, and socially. To build healthy homes for everyone in Chaquizhca, Bellamaría, and Guara, we need to raise $200,000.
We want to help citizens of these communities find funds to build better houses that are resistant to triatomines as well as other insects. The new homes are structurally sound, well lit, have sanitary toilets, and other features that contribute to health and well-being.
Finally, we believe that community development requires effective leadership by and representation of all citizens. We don’t build houses for people, we build houses with people so that community members can be the architects of their own well-being.





In summer 2019, students and faculty from Ohio University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador worked with the Espinoza family to rebuild a home. But the Espinoza family is only one family.




Familia EspinozaFrom the Espinoza family...


When Dr. Mario asked us if we wanted to rebuild our home, we really wanted to. We know that Dr. Mario helps people have new, healthy, modern homes. What we worry about most is how to pay for it. We are committing our savings, we just need a little more.”

José Espinoza, Bellamaría community member

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