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Triatomines bugs – the bugs that carry the parasite that causes Chagas disease – usually live outside of people’s houses. If triatomine bugs get into people’s homes, they can start biting people. Well-constructed facilities make it hard for bugs to get into people’s houses and even harder for the bug to hide during the day. This is why we need to change poor-quality dwellings into stronger, healthier homes.”

Mario Grijalva, Director of the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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home 02 mario

Improving a home is a complex process. It is more than just a little remodelling. If a person wants to improve their home, they need to know new techniques of building the best, healthiest home, and they need financial support that can help them build a newer, better home.”

Mario Grijalva, Director of of the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute at Ohio University






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It has to do with the fact that they can easily hide in cracks and holes that are in adobe buildings which are typical in this area. But improving a house does not mean that even people who want to improve it can do so overnight. They need resources, knowledge, multiple elements that allow this to happen.”

Claudia Nieto, OHIO alumna, contributed to research for HLI

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